Me and my family, between the grasslands.

Recently I got a chance to visit South Africa with my family. I really had a lot of fun over there. You need to trust me, this was the most exciting and beautiful trip I have ever been to. So, in this blog of mine, I will write about my first three days of South Africa in which I had stayed in the Mabula Game Reserve, which was arguably the best part of my trip. We went on three different safaris in which we saw different animals. This was a once in a lifetime experience, going on a safari and being so close to the animals.

A game drive is a drive through the reserve in an open jeep with different people and of course a ranger who would take us around on the paths to view the different animals. I have seen all sorts of animals before in all the various zoos that I have visited, having seen them in their natural habitat is an experience of another level.

So now I will explain to you the encounters with the different animals I had on the three different safaris I went.

Day 1 : First safari

When we arrived at the Mabula Game Reserve after a three-hour long drive from Johannesburg Airport, we got to know that there was a Safari leaving right then. So we rushed to the reception, checked in to the hotel and quickly dropped our luggage in the room and rushed to the jeep which was going to leave. We entered the vehicle and we got to know that there were more people along with us.

When we went on the path to see the animals, the first animals we saw were some Impalas. We found them in a group of 4 to 5. They were the smallest variants of antelopes. Then we went on for a bit and found some kudus, they were also a variant of antelopes. And just next to them were some big and ugly warthogs. They were one of the ugly five. The ugly five are 5 animals which are very ugly and I wonder why God made them this way. Then after a minute or so we found another one of those ugly five animals. They were wildebeests they really were ugly (I shouldn’t be saying that as every creature is beautiful in its own way).

Then our ranger received a call from one of the other vehicles which were also on the safari. They said that they had found two cheetahs who had just hunted a kudu. We went as fast as we could to see the cheetahs and when we reached we saw the two brothers sitting and looking at us while they were eating their feast. There were many vehicles behind us who wanted to see the cheetahs. So we went ahead so the others could also get a chance.

Predator-Prey relationship.

Then on the same road, a little ahead we found some white rhinos sitting. Our ranger told us that there were two babies and a mother. By the way, our ranger’s name was M.K. Then after looking at them we wanted to go and see the elephants, but when we reached the area, we got to know that they had already left. But M.K told us to stay for a minute as he was about to bring some snacks.

There was a table over there, so first, he laid a cloth on it and then he had a really big lunch box with some different types of food in it and he had also brought some drinks. We stayed there for 15-20 minutes and after that, we headed our journey back to the lodge. When we had reached we went to our room, freshened up an then we went to have dinner. This was our first day and it was absolutely fantastic.

Day 2 :

Second Safari

Today we had to get up at 5:30 am in the morning! So, we got up and went to our vehicle. Surprisingly, we were the first ones to reach. Then I checked my watch. The time was just 4:30 am! My father had woken us up an hour early by mistake. So we went back to our room and rested for a while. An hour later we came to our vehicle and our journey into the wild had started.

Today we were hoping to see the lions. They were one of the big 5 animals. Just like the ugly five, this was also a group of 5 animals which were hunted for their materials the most in Africa. We got to know that the lions were spotted by some others in a particular area. we headed straight for that area.

So, after 15-20 minutes of driving, we found three lions, two females and one male. It was such a wonderful sight. And the male lion was so close to us, I guess he was just 3-4 metres away. Then after a moment he turned around on its back and started to roll and cuddle with its hands. Such a sight it was.

A beautiful sight. ☺️☺️🦁🦁

Just a little further away from this lion, were two more female lions. They were sun-bathing. They were also kind of hiding in the tall grass. So after that, we just stayed there for a while, took some pictures and then we started our journey back to the lodge. Then when we reached, we ate breakfast and then we went to see other attractions of the lodge.

Third Safari

But the day was not over yet as we had another safari at 4:30 p.m. So, after having our lunch we went to our room for an hour and a half. We rested for a while. Then it was time for our safari, but it was raining at that time. Luckily we had nice and warm ponchos in our vehicle which helped me from getting wet. I even got to sit in the front seat of our vehicle. So after travelling for a while, we received a call from another ranger that they had found the elephants; the animals we were hoping to see for today. When we got there, there was a whole herd of them. After taking some photos, we decided to move a little further in front. But then when we looked back, we were surrounded by 8 elephants, and an elephant was also coming at us from the front.

Really was a giant one. 🐘🐘

So I think we were stuck there for about 15-20 minutes and after that, the elephants decided to move away on their own. And just so you know, the elephants are also a part of the big 5. Further down we found a leopard which was the last big 5 which was left to see. So, we had seen all the different animals which were Lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and African buffalo. If you want more information on the big 5, ugly five, shy five, little five and impossible 5 animals you can go and visit this site. On this site, you can get a lot of information about these different animals. So after that, we headed back to our lodge and we had dinner at a different place at night which was a little further away from the lodge. M.K took us over there in the vehicle but we came back walking alone in the jungle. Today had been a very nice day and it was our last day as we were going to Johannesburg tomorrow. So we had a nice sleep and were up early tomorrow.

Day 3 :

Our driver had reached the lodge, so we quickly checked out of the hotel to go to Johannesburg. It was a 3-hour long drive from here to there. Mabula Game Reserve had been great fun for me and my family and we were missing it already.

We were missing Mabula already.

So I hope you enjoyed this blog of mine. South Africa is a place that I recommend everyone to visit once in their lifetime. It was such a beautiful country, and this was arguably the best trip I have ever been to. And friends be sure to share this blog with your friends and family. You can copy this link to my site So remember to leave a comment down below. I hope you enjoyed my blog reading it, as much as I liked writing it. Buh Bye.

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