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Estonia is one of the three Baltic countries. It lies in the northern part of Europe. Recently I had the opportunity to visit Estonia for a Robotics Competition. We were representing our country, India in the competition. We had won the award for the best innovative design. The competition area had many different workshops and small activities. And there were also many small children competing over there. You wouldn’t believe that I found out from a website that the youngest child in the competition was three years old, and the oldest man over there was sixty-eight years old. Now let us talk about the city Tallinn.

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and is actually a very nice place to visit. It is a mixture of modern locality and the old town. The old town is so beautiful and in all of its houses, the limestone which has been used is also fabulous. The old town is one of the best-preserved towns in the world. And in Christmas season there is a carnival put up in the old town. There are small shops and there is a very big Christmas tree in the middle. It really brings out the spirit of Christmas season. There was also a very old plane hanger in Estonia that had been turned into a museum. The museum, which was called the Sea Plane Harbour. It had old shipwrecks, there were many yachts and boats, it also had one very huge submarine called the Lembit. It was used in World War II. There were also many shopping malls in Estonia like the ÜLEMISTE Shopping Centre, The Viru Keskus. But it was surely very cold out there. I had to buy myself new shoes which were suitable to be taken out in the snow. I even had to keep myself covered in 4 layers to keep myself warm. I was surprised to see some of the people over there were moving around in shorts!!!!

Well, I really had a lot of fun over there with all of my friends. It was a very nice experience over there and we also won the competition which we had gone there for. Estonia was a very beautiful country and I absolutely loved my experience over there. I hope you all enjoyed reading my blog and be sure to read all of my other blogs which I have written. Be sure to share my site with others, and Bye-bye.

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