Just take a moment to think that if Iron Man walks through the street and just goes through unnoticed. How is that even possible. He just Cant blend in. Actually, HE DID NOT NEED TO BLEND IN, BECAUSE HE WAS BORN TO STAND OUT.

So this was a wonderful explanation to my topic ‘Why blend in, When you were born to stand out.’ This is a quote from one of my favourite book, Wonder. By the amazing author, R.J Palacio. 

There are just like some people who are always feeling out of the group or they feel sad because they don’t have friends due to some issue. This blog is for them. So I just want to tell you, that it is not always important to be part of the group or to blend in with other people. Sometimes you were born to stand out. You were not meant to be part of the group. It’s like, you can say that there is one apple tree in the middle of a hundred orange trees.

The book Wonder it like shows such a nice story about this boy who has a facial problem so he isn’t like the perfect looking boy. Many people treated him in a very bad way and they also used to bully him but he did manage to make some friends. So he did not need to be a part of the group.

Actually it is kind of nice. You can get to be yourself as nobody will be there to judge you. Like in a way if you like art very much, you can draw and colour and paint for as long as you want to,ss nobody will judge you. Fitting in with your friends or anyone might change you. So all of the people who liked the “real” you might be disappointed.

So in the end not being part of the group isn’t so bad. You get the time to express yourself, you get time to be you. Now we can say that “You were born to stand out.” If people call you weird just don’t worry, take it as an honour. Shine brightly through this dark world. Be yourself. And remember you are the start of something new.

Guys I hope you enjoy my blog and please check out some other ones too. Remember you are a special person. I hope this blog made your day.

6 thoughts on “Why Blend In, When You Were Born To Stand Out”

  1. Thats amazing thinking and great expression. Saanvi and Sanaa have read it and are also inspired. Thanks a lot Abir and God Bless

  2. Abir Life is different for individuals. Every body is not Amitabh Bacchan or PM modi. Create your own circle where
    you feel relaxed. Do not worry what others think or say about you.
    Parveen Chadha . Dada ji.

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