I know people keep talking about how playing video games has a lot of disadvantages and issues such as weak eyesight, addiction problems, lack of other hobbies and some more. But these games have more to offer than what can be seen with the eye.

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Hi everyone, here I am back with another blog and today I will talk about the advantages of video games in the modern world.

When a child is playing a game, his worst enemy can be his parents. They go crazy when they see you playing games or in my case even opening my computer. But the thing that they don’t realise is that they never try to understand the game and how we play it.

These games aren’t just some dumb time killer for all you parents who think like this. I understand that they have certain disadvantages but let’s leave the bad side aside for once and focus on the bright side.


These games tend to have quite a few advantages, and some of them are, these games improve our co-ordination and our teamwork skills as we are with our friends and work together more. They improve our problem-solving skills as we think quickly as to what best can be done in a short span of time. It improves our attention and concentration as we tend to focus on the present situation. It improves our social skills as we make new friends online. These games also improve our multitasking skills as in games we are required to be very observant as it requires you to be able to move your keys while looking at the various features on your screen such as energy levels, ammunitions left, other factors, all which are vital to winning.

These were some of the many advantages that a video game offers to a child. So hearing me talk about all this, you must have realised this blog is mainly for parents. See to understand these games you need to spend some time with your child. You should try and go up to him at a good time when he is playing a game and ask him about the game. Try to bond with him. And for all the children reading this blog, quickly send this to your parents so that they let you play a little more.

So that’ll be the end of my blog, and be sure to have a nice day, and of course, share my blog – http://blogwithabir.com/

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